Many people in this world still think that they are too far away from the IT & telecommunication paradise and are doomed with the unhappiness to spend their life paying high prices for unsatisfied quality of Internet and telecommunication services.

AMS was created in 2001th by both perfectly qualified tech engineers and deeply experienced management staff to fill-in the gap of delivering of high-quality IP and telecommunication services to virtually every single point in the world. These people know where you are, what do you need and how to reach you. These people know your pain and the right cure for it…at least because they have already fell the same suffering.

AMS tech engineers have years of hand-on experience in landline, radio and satellite communications; internetworking; programming; IT security and etc. Not a small part of the IT global resources and services you use is created by their brains and hands.

The force created by joining their experience and knowledge into one common unit shall be used just to keep you online… …

… with maximum security

… with no downtime

… at better speed

… at lower price.

With AMS you have only one problem left - to find the best way to enjoy the feeling of being online at the speed you always have needed and feeling secure of your information.

You deserve the privilege to solve it the way you like to. However if you still need an advice on this problem - you are always welcome!

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Advanced Media Services
78 Rosemary Avenue
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 208 560 1833
Fax: +44 208 742 4906

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